Harley St Clinic FUE Baldness Hair Loss

Harley St is one of the leading centre’s for treating premature balding.

Some Harley Street Doctors practice the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which involves using tiny needles to transfer individual hair follicles to where they are needed on the scalp without any scarring.

This treatment recently gained more prominence when Wayne Rooney (Manchester United Tickets and footballer whilst apparently visiting a sports nutrition specialist ) underwent this procedure.

The anti-balding treatment usually takes around 2 days and can cost around £30,000.

However, more affordable treatments are available from Harley Street Clinics if the hair loss is tackled early. Finasteride, prescribed and sold in the UK as Propecia is a popular anti-baldness drug. It is extremely effective at “blocking” DHT the male hormone behind hairloss if combined with expert patient care


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